Sunday, December 12, 2010

Walk in with short leave with long…
Hair is my favorite accessory. You can use it to perfect any outfit. You can dress it up or dress it down. And the best part, you'll never walk into a party and see someone else with your hair on. Sure it may be a similar color, cut, or style, but it'll rarely be the same. 

This is why I choose to spend my hard earned money on Caryn Cohen. I've been growing my hair out for about 7-8 months now. I started with a very short Posh Spice bob and on my way to va-va-voom stripper hair. So unlike most women who want their new hair cut noticed, I don't. Well the cut that is. I do want people to notice a change but I just don't want it to look shorter. Caryn is the only stylist I've been to who I can go in for a trim and walk out with my hair looking longer. Yes, longer. 

Here's the kind of compliments I got after my most recent cut, "Wow! Your hair is getting so long and it still looks really healthy and bouncy!" and "Did you do your hair differently today? It looks a lot longer!" 

So yes, Caryn is a hair genius. I'd put her at over 200 on the IQ-hair scale. (If you're a nerd like me you understand that this is very high.) Caryn is not only great at long cuts, but any cuts. Since I started with her my hair has been nearly every length and I've loved every cut. 

Also I feel like Caryn is great for those people who aren't sure of what to do. She's a no nonsense stylist and will tell you what will and won't work for you. And if she's not happy with something, she will spend as long as she needs to making it perfect. I have one spot on my bangs that hangs heavy and every time I go in, she spends about 5 minutes on that one part making sure it lays perfect. But despite being a perfectionist, she's really easy going. And she's funny. None of that, "so do you like, have a boyfriend?" hair dresser talk. If she's asking you a question it's cause she actually wants to know. 

Also every time you leave, Caryn will be sure that she's taught you a new trick to getting better volume, making your natural waves nice not frizzy, blow drying the right direction for your bangs/ hair so it lays well, etc. etc. etc. Whatever it is that you suffer from, flat crown, flipped out left side, etc. she probably has a great tip for you, so don't be shy, ask. Consider her your hair's therapist. 

"So I think my bangs are fighting with my hair. I can never get them to go together!" or... "Omg! You'll never believe what my bottom layers have been doing lately! They are totally flipping out!" 

I hope I got in everything I love about Caryn, but if you're looking for a new stylist who will make you look like a rockstar, go to Caryn Cohen. Her cuts are $100 but worth every single penny. She is at Elizabeth David Salon Friday and Saturday and at Secret Agent Salon Tues - Thurs. 

Oh yeah and about the salon itself.... 

The Elizabeth David Salon is a very cute, small salon with 4 chairs. It's bright and cozy inside and for some reason makes me feel like I'm in Europe (even though I've never been to Europe *i know, i know, i'm soo lame*). The building itself has a giant gold "W" on the front. You go up the super cute, SUPER old elevator to the 4th floor. EDS is just to the right of the elevators. There's still water and sparkling water and coffee and tea and magazines and books and all that good stuff while you wait. 

So run, don't walk to Caryn Cohen! But if I can't get an appointment cause of you, I may hunt you down.
:-) Ali R.

She's got skillz...
It doesn't get any better than finding "the one"....the salon, and more importantly, the stylist, that just gets it. Haircuts are like relationships...takes you a while to get over bad ones, leaving you untrusting and sans haircut for awhile. Great ones make you SO happy. I'd had more disappointing haircuts than I could shake a stick at. I happened to hear from a friend (with gorgeous hair) that Joslyn was fabulous, so I got on YELP (thanks yelp!) The earliest appt was with (highly praised) Caryn, a stylist that "understood long hair" ..booked it!

Uneasily and wearily stepping into the salon today, I was not expecting the awesome results that ensued. I am completely impressed by and grateful for Caryn Cohen's skillz. Loved my relaxing shampoo, was offered something to drink, everyone was friendly, spoke about my preferences (*like to keep it long*). Caryn really listened, sized it all up, then knew exactly what to do...and had realistic suggestions for my everyday haircare. Not being disappointed after a haircut is such a refreshing experience....loving the end product is priceless, shopping afterwards downtown and wanting to buy everything b/c your new haircut makes anything in the near vicinity of it look abnormally fantastic is dangerous! Beware!

*Sidenote*: She didn't use even use any product- this haircut stood out all on its own! Amazing. Caryn takes her time and works wonders. Happy to have found a new home for my hair. ~ Susanna Mimic, nurse

If only marriage was like this...
Caryn Cohen is simply a wonderful stylist. I have the straightest hair ever and you can really see if someone gives you a good haircut or not. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a haircut where you can tell one side is off and doesn't flow quite right (and these cuts were from high end salons). She gives such attention to detail and gets it right every time which I really value. 

She's also very creative. I've been going to her for 8+ years now and she surprises me every time with new ideas of what would work well with my hair as well as what's on trend and relevant. She even has an inspirational picture book of her favorite looks and ideas. I'm always happy with what she comes up with.

Caryn recently moved from Di Pietro Todd to Secret Agent Salon on California and I was more than thrilled to visit her there now that she's made the move.
~ Jackie Altamura, designer

Attention to Detail...
Caryn Cohen is, quite simply, the best hairstylist in the world. 

Every cut I get is creative but realistic. She doesn't make promises she can't keep, but still manages to transform my lackluster tresses into something incredibly flattering and easy to wear every time. 

She is also meticulous. My straight bob takes about 1.5 hours to cut when she does it. Others? They wrap things up in 45 minutes because they don't take the time she does to ensure every strand is just so. She looks at my hair straight on, sideways, upside down. She looks at it again after I'm dressed to be sure she didn't miss anything. 

She doesn't cram new products down your throat, but if you want advice she has loads of good ideas. (Dry shampoo, anyone?)

I've seen other people there while Caryn was off traveling the world, and was so disappointed that I finally just started cutting my own bangs and grew out my hair until she got back. A year later. 

She's that good. ~Catherine Shattuck

So who does your hair?
This is the rockstar salon of San Francisco... the place to go... as good as it gets. I first tried diPietro Todd in Mill Valley. I was given CARYN COHEN as my stylist. I sat down in the chair and said, "Do whatever you want." I figured I was in a fancy salon and my stylist should be able to use her talent. Well, SHE DID! I was so relaxed as she worked on my hair. She spent so much time with me, paying attention to my face, my fashion sense, my lifestyle, my job, all which she took into account when coming up with her creation. CARYN does the most detailed and brilliant cuts ever (and I have spent many years with some of NYC's best stylists). I always get compliments on my cut and inquiries of who does my hair! CARYN is fun, honest, current, creative, skilled, and I recommend her to anyone who wants an exceptional cut. 8 years later, I'm still sitting down in CARYN's chair saying, "Do whatever..." and still get excited over what my next transformation will be!
~ Kimberley Jensen

Two words: Caryn. Cohen. She is amaze.
If you have long hair (whether straight, curly, thick, thin, or anything in between) she will make you look like you should be a hair model. Seriously - she's that good. I can honestly say I've never had a better haircut in SF. & I've had many different high-end salons...with many different hairstylists. 

She's very interactive when she works, meaning - you sit, you stand, you flip your hair back & forth, etc., which I very much appreciate because she takes her time to make sure your cut looks good & falls right from every angle. She's also very diligent & cuts your hair wet, and then again dry - so all your layers turn out amazing.

Plus: she's super funny & friendly. One of the most fun parts of going to get your hair done is to have some good conversation! & with Caryn, you definitely do. She's hilarious.

I have recommended her to multiple of my girlfriends (who all go to her now!). She's only at Secret Agent Salon, so you have to go there to see her. Parking can be a bit of a pain in this area (lower Pac Heights), but trust me - it's worth it. All in all: she rocks. :) Tanya Oneufer

Caryn Cohen is awesome.

While looking for a new place to have my hair styled, I came across great reviews about Caryn on the Elizabeth David Salon Yelp entry. I immediately called the salon to make an appointment and sadly, Elizabeth David Salon is no longer in business... So, I put my investigator cap on and searched for her further in Yelp and on Linked-in... Found her at Secret Agent!

I found Caryn to be extremely skilled and thorough while cutting my hair. She did the initial cut wet, then blew my hair out and flat ironed it to be sure the dry cut, and the ultimate results were VERY precise. Add to that Caryn's hilarious and engaging personality and you get an all around terrific experience. I went from very long hair to shoulder length and I LOVE IT!! Secret Agent Salon is very nice, conveniently located and has pretty easy street parking. 

I moved to SF from Dallas 2 1/2 years ago and have been searching that entire time for a great hair stylist - FOUND HER! ~ Suzi Young